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Federal, state, and local governments in  CA are offering limited time incentives in 2016.

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How Does it Work?

  • Save up to 80% off your monthly electric bill by going solar
  • You can quality for $0 upfront costs
  • Protect Against Rising Energy Costs
  • Learn how much you can save in CA when you install  today

With California in the midst of an ongoing drought and energy crisis, there hasn’t been a better time to think about installing an energy efficient solar panel system in your home. Not only are you going to cease paying too much for the energy, you MAKE CASH and can actually sell energy back to the power company in CA . Join this with enormous rebates currently being offered in your state and you’re going to understand why now is the time to make the move.

When you use a new solar power system on your own house, only real noticeable difference you will see is in your electric bill. Solar energy is a smart, reasonable alternative for house energy use that pays for itself across time. This is so because happens to be the most abundant type of energy open to us now.

How Solar Energy Works

Just how does sunlight become electricity? A summary of the gear needed to produce affordable and clean energy by harnessing the beams of the sunshine and the method is provided here.

Technicians install specific solar energy group panels on the roof or alongside of an area house or building to make solar power. These panels have a significant number of photovoltaic cells or “modules” that collect light energy (photons) in the sun and convert it into electricity through the photovoltaic effect. These photovoltaic (“PV”) cells commonly consist of wafer-thin sheets of crystalline silicon film and cadmium.

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The Price Of Solar Panels

Today, the most effective PV cells operate at about 20 percent of the potential efficiency, but the PV cells become, as solar panel technology improves. They become therefore more economic to use and less expensive to make. Our project cost around $14, 000, but we got a rebate of $5,000, which made it a complete no-brainer in our publication. It’s intriguing to see that NASA is using solar power systems to power U.S. space vehicles since 1958.

Solar Power Home Setups

Into the sort of electricity needed to power a house, the energy of the sun is converted through the use of solar panel systems. Regardless of precisely what the source of the electricity, the power performance of a house remains the same. This means that folks who rely upon solar power can not tell the difference between solar-generated electricity and the electric current flowing in from the grid.

PV panels may be mounted on the ground but most homeowners opt to have them installed on their roofs. Either way, the solar modules are held in place by stands or frames. Solar panel installers should take great care to ensure are sealed to avoid leaks.

Electrical current generated from sunlight resembles the type of electricity found in common batteries. Batteries store energy in the kind of Direct Current (“DC”) wkich flows in one direction only. The standard electrical current used to power most dwellings through the entire world is “AC” or Alternating Current. AC describes electricity that periodically reverses direction. In order to be useful, electricity produced by photovoltaic cells should first be passed through a device called an “inverter” that converts Direct Current to Alternating Current, the form of electricity that most people are familiar with. From the inverter, current generated by our solar panels is directed to our electrical service panel (breaker box) used to feed electricity into the household. From that stage, an elective tracking meter can monitor the complete output from your solar installation along with our dwelling’s total electricity consumption at just about any given time. Such tracking systems can be networked to give a live on-line display that permit homeowner’s to see how much a home’s electricity needs are being satisfied by the solar power system.

Save Cash Now

Depending on the magnitude of a system, a homeowner can save 50 percent or more on their electric bill when they select to set up a solar electricity system that is new. In some cases that electric bill can be removed completely.

The typical household in CA uses 920 kilowatt hours per month. Making a house more energy efficient will do a lot because of its ultimate resale value. Sector studies have shown that installing a solar system will raises a home’s resale value by as much as $6.00 per watt. This implies that a 3.1 kilowatt system can add as much as $17,000 to the value of a home. Other research have proven that homes with solar electricity systems sell 15 percent faster than dwellings without them.

Solar Power Cons and Pros

In fact, the pros outweigh the con’s of installing a solar panel system on your own house. Aside from the original expense of the device, which could normally be leased or financed, you are likely to just view benefits in terms of your contribution and monthly electricity bill savings to a cleaner, greener world.

Feed Energy Back To the Grid and Get Paid For It

During the day, if your solar system’s generation exceeds the electrical power needs of the house, the surplus electricity is fed back into the power grid. When this occurs, the electric meter can be observed by us really whirling backwards. Most local governments have a system of credits set up that require utility companies to get extra energy back. These credits sold to the utility businesses for cash or may be used to offset future energy invoices.

A homeowner in CA that installs a solar power system will turn a profit. There are other advantages too. Along with certain state agencies, the government provides subsidies for private individuals who install heating systems or solar energy within their homes. In some specific authorities, subsidies can be found for businesses too.

Take your time and find the proper company for the solar panel install. There’s plenty of scammy companies running around right now who promise to be solar installers. Locate a good contractor that is been doing business in San Diego and ensure they have a solid history to do solar system installations.

Solar power is the most abundant renewable energy source we’ve. The technology to generate electricity from the sun has been with us since the 19th century. Though it cannot solve each of the energy issues in the world, it really is a precious technology that’s over time become more than competitive with conventional carbon-based sources of electrical energy. The advantages of solar power can not be discounted now, and the strides that guy makes in its future development will probably have a lasting and strong influence on society for generations to come.

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